Automatic Equation Numbering — MathJax documentation - Latex equation no number

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If you only want some of the lines in an align environment to not be numbered, just put \nonumber before the end characters on each of the lines you don't want​. › Board index › LaTeX › Math & Science.

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By Zolorg - 07:45
\nonumber. instead but the output have no changes still the equation comes with the the equation* environment requires amsmath. Add to.
By Saktilar - 10:06 › FAQ-mathonlyref.
By Zulkis - 08:20
There are those who consider that papers look untidy with numbers on every the \nonumber command on the relevant equations, or by using the amsmath.
By Faezilkree - 01:15
In case one does not want to have an equation number, the *-version is used: The displaymath-environment offers no equation-numbering.
By Moogut - 15:39
You can use \notag or \nonumber to prevent individual equations from being numbered, and \tag{} can be used to override the usual equation number with your.

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